"We are driven by the vision of designing a show number which adds the final touch to your equestrian equipment"

Sara Wilton, Owner of by Wilton

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Behind the scenes

Are you ready to be introduced to the world of passion, love and elegance in equestrian sports?

byWilton has developed the first exclusive competition number designed to match your existing competition equipment.

The one and only competition number in a quality never seen or experienced before!

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Teambywilton says...

“I am absolutely a fan of the shownumbers of byWilton! They are always the final touch and matches every outfit when competing! The horses truly shine Shen they wear a shownumber of byWilton!”

Caroline Amalie, @caroline.amalie_equestrian

“We use shownumbers from byWilton to fulfill our outfits when competing! The shownumbers of byWilton are the final touch to perfection, and matches every saddles we use for competitions! The shownumbers and numbers are very easy to change, very beautiful and made of the best quality!”

Amalie og Cecilie König, König.equestrian

“The shownumbers of byWilton are just perfect! They are made of the best quality and have the coolest designs! They have safety-pins on behind, which makes the shownumber sit perfectly wherever you choose to put it.

Want to look great for next competition? Then byWilton is absolutely worth it!”

Freya Vejlstrup, @freyavejlstrup

“After an accident where I had a cerebral hemorrhage and the effects are, that the right side of my body has motorical challenges… That’s why it became super easy for em when I had the shownumber from byWilton, because the numbers are so easy to change - and I’m even able, with one hand, to open and close the magnet in the shownumber!”

Camilla Christensen, @camillachristensendenmark

“All weekend I’ve been testing my new shownumbers from byWilton - and they were just perfect! What a quality product you have made!”

Shannon Mejnert, @shannonsportshorses

“The reason why I love the shownumbers of byWilton is that they’re matching with your equipment and your outfit when competing. The shownumbers are very classic, very beautiful and easy to use!”

Manon Clayes, @manon.clayes1

“We absolutely love the shownumbers of byWilton, because they add elegance to our dressage horses. Since we started using the shownumbers of byWilton, it’s always been a “must pack” when we’re traveling the world with our horses for the international shows!”

Zenon Cruz, groom for Charlotte Jorst, @charlottejorst

“I am in love with the shownumbers of byWilton! They are super easy to use on the saddled, bridle and the halter! I love, that the numbers are so easy to change because they’re made of acrylic and can take anything!

The shownumbers are very exclusive, and are made of vegan leather! I love everything about byWilton!”

Tilde Rude Hare

"I truly love the shownumbers from byWilton! They are extremely beautiful and extremely easy to use!"

Olivia Dresler, @oliviadresler_

“I really like the shownumbers of byWilton. The quality have I never seen before, and they are so beautiful with my equipment when I’m competing! I love, that ir’s possible to choose between many different colors - this makes it possible to choose the one that matches exactly with your outfit when competing!”

Selma Dresler, @selma.dresler

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"Ebony Medium" is a competition number designed to match your other equipment when competing

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