welcome to our story

In 2020, I founded the company by Wilton Denmark with the ambition to create a competition number that completes the show look.

Having more than 30 years of experience in equestrian sports, I know the high demands for style and exclusivity in equestrian equipment. However, I felt that a small but significant detail was missing to complete the well-polished look of the competition - a beautiful and exclusive competition number.

Thus, I designed and produced a competition number that matches the rest of the equipment of the equestrian. The competition numbers are developed with a focus on aesthetics and design, but largely also on quality and usability.

The competition numbers are hand-sewn by talented seamstresses and artificial leather is used to prolong durability. The numbers are made of glossy black acrylic for great durability and aesthetics.

Beautiful details complete the look, with buttons and pin in gold co.

Sara Wilton, owner of By Wilton